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CCDD Assessments - The Perspective-Taking Measure

Perspective-taking and perspective coordination are measured through surveys at the beginning and end of each school year using an assessment called “Students as Advisors: Solving Social Situations in School and the Community”. “Students as Advisors” is a measure designed to assess children’s ability to acknowledge, articulate, position and interpret the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in a given social conflict, and provide solutions that consider and integrate their different positions.  The measure puts students in the shoes of an advisor, who needs to make a recommendation to address social conflicts that occur at the interpersonal, group and institutional level.

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vidVideo: A Closer Look at the Assessment

Jennifer Winsor explains:

assessment administrator reads instructions, and also provides definitions for potentially unfamiliar words | students in this assessment are asked to evaluate and rank the reasons a person might give to support a claim | students are also asked to give advice to friends who are dealing with either an avoidable or unavoidable situation | students respond to open-ended questions, as well as a few multiple-choice questions.